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Alien Earrings


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Handmade resin + glitter earrings! They look amazing and are LIGHTWEIGHT!✨

Image of Dagger Earrings
Dagger Earrings
Image of Pumpkin Pail & Coffin Earrings
Sold out
Pumpkin Pail & Coffin Earrings
Image of Silver Plated Earring Upgrade (per pair)
Silver Plated Earring Upgrade (per pair)
Image of Ghost Earrings w/Wavy Booty
Ghost Earrings w/Wavy Booty
Image of Ghosts Earrings w/Pointy Booty
Ghosts Earrings w/Pointy Booty
Image of Coffin Cross Earrings
Coffin Cross Earrings
Image of Weed Leaf Earrings
Weed Leaf Earrings
Image of Skull earrings
Skull earrings
Image of Strawberry Earrings
Strawberry Earrings
Image of Chunky Star Earring Studs
Chunky Star Earring Studs
Image of Mini Paw Earring Studs
Mini Paw Earring Studs
Image of Mini Kitty Head Earring Studs
Mini Kitty Head Earring Studs
Image of Skull Studs
Skull Studs
Image of Pentacle Earrings - Best Seller!
Pentacle Earrings - Best Seller!
Image of Crescent Moon Cross Earrings
Crescent Moon Cross Earrings
Image of BIG Pentacle Earrings
BIG Pentacle Earrings
Image of Baphomet Pentagram Earrings
Baphomet Pentagram Earrings
Image of Raven Skull Pentagram Earrings
Raven Skull Pentagram Earrings
Image of Skeleton Hand Earrings
Skeleton Hand Earrings
Image of Ghost Earrings
Ghost Earrings
Image of Dagger Halo Earrings
Dagger Halo Earrings
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