Bio Glitter Set of 6

Bio Glitter Set of 6

This set includes six, half ounce (0.50oz by weight) jars of each color of my first glitter collection! Perfect for those who want to try out each color, or for gift-giving!

This gift set includes 0.50oz each of the following:
--Silver holographic (biodegradable)
--Green holographic (biodegradable)
--Silver holographic mini stars (eco-friendly, see info below)
--Red Chunky (biodegradable)
--Black Extra Fine (biodegradable)

Silver holographic mini stars are plant-based and include a small amount of aluminum to keep the shape of the stars. Due to the aluminum, they are not considered 100% biodegradable, however they are non-toxic and environmentally safe. They are also cosmetic safe (avoid eye area), vegan, and cruelty free. Thank you for shopping small and being eco-friendly!