O-Ring Harness

O-Ring Harness

This is a lightweight, black faux leather (vegan-friendly!) harness with 20 dangling chains (10/side) ascending over the chest and connected by an O-Ring. The neck strap connects with a buckle and measures 18.5" end to end and can be adjusted from 14" (smallest/min) UP to 17"(longest/max). The back (under bust) connects w/a buckle that can be adjusted from 12.5” (25" waist, smallest/min) UP to 18.5" (37” waist, longest/max).

See below for additional measurements:
--Large O-Ring: 2.25" Wide
--Small O-Rings: 1.25" Wide
--Neck to Large O-Ring: 3.5"
--Side Straps to first Chain: 6"
--Distance between the small neck O-rings: 3"
--Smallest chain length connected to O-Ring (at top): 4"
--Largest chain length connected to O-Ring (at bottom): 13"