The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art

$19.99 USD

The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art explores and explains the fundamentals of creating mold-based resin art and more. With over 175 full-color photographs, 200+ pages and 6 chapters of in-depth instruction on a multitude of techniques, The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art is an ideal resource for those just starting out in experimenting with epoxy resin, as well as resin artists who have already been creating work but wish to further refine their craft or polish up their expertise.

From precise troubleshooting secrets to savvy business tips on real-life selling and surviving social media, The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art aims not only to instruct, but to inspire.

Key Topics Covered: Resin Basics: Setup, Supplies, and Safety / Making Your First Piece (step-by-step instructions) / Expanding Your Toolkit (helpful tools, tips, and tricks) / Intermediate Skills (ex: Layering, DIY Foils & Transparencies, and more!) / Finishing Touches (ex: Doming, Glazing and more!) / Showing & Selling Art / Small Business & Social Media Tips / Resources & Recommendations / Gallery / Glossary