The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art

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5/21/21: We're getting close to announcing the pre-order date! We also plan to have the book OFFICIALLY released at the North Park Book Fair in San Diego, which will be an awesome event hosted by Verbatim Books on Saturday, July 17th 2021. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with the latest news!!



The Glitter Pile Guide to Resin Art - COMING SOON!!

All my knowledge, techniques, eco-tips, experiments, “fails” and fun stories over the last few years built into one, SUPER detailed and neatly organized HOW-TO BOOK for ~everything~ resin art! 

My hopes for this book are to make it easier for artists starting out to learn foundational skills AND serve as a fun quick reference guide for any artist working in this (often tricky) medium! 

Need help with resin art now? No problem - Glitter Pile Academy online classes are open for sign-ups, check the listings for more info. Join me for a fun, affordable, and interactive learning session via Zoom this month!