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Spooky Cute Masks


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Already sewn and READY TO SHIP!!

All masks are handmade and sewn by me and are intended for general use while out in the public. They are made of cotton and/or poly-cotton blends, and are 2-ply, meaning there are 2 layers of fabric. They tie at the base of your neck, NOT behind the ears so they're much more comfortable for extended wear then elastic is - save your ears the pain!

All sizes are Adult unless otherwise specified. Each mask measures approx. 9" wide, 4" tall, w/ties approx. 45" in length.

These are not medical grade masks. Masks are made in a smoke-free home. All efforts are made to sterilize the sewing/handling area, but you are responsible for washing masks before use, and following all recommended care and cleaning instructions (included). This also includes not touching the outside of the mask while wearing it, using proper removal techniques, washing your hands frequently with soap and hot water, and practicing social distancing.

Image of Black Masks
Black Masks
Image of Twin Peaks Mask
Twin Peaks Mask
Image of Gingham Masks
Gingham Masks
Image of KISS Mask
Image of Fancy Cats Mask
Fancy Cats Mask
Image of Green Daisies Mask
Green Daisies Mask
Image of Dinosaur Names Mask
Dinosaur Names Mask
Image of Fungi / Mushroom Mask
Fungi / Mushroom Mask
Image of Trees Mask
Trees Mask
Image of Owl Masks
Owl Masks
Image of Spooky Books Mask
Spooky Books Mask
Image of Kitty Faces Mask
Kitty Faces Mask
Image of Black Cat Mask
Black Cat Mask
Image of Llama Mask
Llama Mask
Image of Shark Mask
Shark Mask
Image of Rainbow Stripe Masks
Rainbow Stripe Masks
Image of Tootsie Roll Pop Mask
Tootsie Roll Pop Mask
Image of Monsters Inc. Mask
Monsters Inc. Mask
Image of Skelanimals Mask
Skelanimals Mask
Image of Scooby Doo Mask
Scooby Doo Mask
Image of Cute Cacti Mask
Cute Cacti Mask
Image of Star Trek Masks
Star Trek Masks
Image of Kids Masks - Ready to Ship!
Kids Masks - Ready to Ship!
Image of Beauty & the Beast Mask
Beauty & the Beast Mask
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